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The Meaning and Symbolism of Our Traditional Worship

This page split up into sections. Below this description are pictures that link to articles by Father Miller that describe the elements of our worship. To learn more about specific elements of our worship click on the pictures below.

     Our worship tradition and antiquity traces its roots back to the days of the early church. When we worship are expressing the same beauty and reverence expressed by some of the earliest Christians. Our worship retains the same elements that the early church has cherished from the first thousand and fifty-four years of Christianity.

     Our Worship is liturgical. This means we follow a pattern or formulary of worship. Every church has its own liturgy; it is simply the order of events in the service. Our liturgy or the formulary of worship carries the influences of both eastern and western Christians from the days of the early church.

     In Our Worship carries with it the tradition and symbolism passed down to us from the early church. In our worship, we interact with God through the sacraments and through our senses, by hearing the word of God, smelling the incense, seeing the beauty all around us and participating as we come to offer up our time, or voices and the very lives we life as an obedient sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving.

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